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Attendance in all periodical tests and examinations is compulsory. If any student is absent for the term test or exams, no re-test or re exam will be conducted. Pupils will have to correct their mistakes after each round of tests/exams as the remedial measure for achieving improvement in their academic performance. Dates of the tests- and examinations are in the school Handbook and Prospectus. Special permission is required for those who abstain from examinations / tests due to valid reasons. A student who has not remitted his/her fees may be debarred from examinations. Malpractices in any test or examination will result in immediate dismissal of the pupil.

Progress Report :

Progress Reports are issued at the end of each series of Tests and Examinations. Parents must sign and return them to the school promptly. Students are liable to be sent back home for not getting the reports signed by the parents promptly. Parents must make a very careful study of the reports sent to them and in case of the children failing in any subject, they must do the needful to improve their marks in future tests and examinations.